Thursday, August 16, 2012


Cadaverella (Video 2007)
71 min - Horror - 8 May 2007 (USA)
Director:Timothy Friend
Writers:Jennifer Friend, Timothy Friend
Stars:Megan Goddard, Ryan Seymour and Kieran Hunter
Cinder knew her life was over when her father came home from a business trip with a new wife and her 2 daughters when she was only 6. When her father dies soon afterwards, she pretty much has to care for herself, as her stepmother whittles away her father's money and possessions. Cinder bides her time by hanging with her best friend Justin, working at the library with the unbearable Lenore, and crushing on Cash, the psycho who tends the lawn, until her 21st birthday, when she inherits the trust fund her father left for her. When she makes off with Justin's clay doll of the voodoo god Baron Samedi, the god visits her to help "make things happen" for her--including landing a night with Cash. Little did she know, however, that Cash was in cahoots with her stepmom to do away with her so they could get her trust fund money. Little did Cash and Stepmom know, that Baron Samedi was going to help Cinder get her revenge.

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